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IE9 for Xbox 360 - Benchmarks

I’ll be comparing IE9 on Xbox 360 to my slowly-dying MacBook 2,1 from late 2007 running Safari 5. Let’s get right to it:

The Benchmarks

Sunspider 0.9.1

5631.4ms ±0.2%

Sunspider’s been around for a while, but is still commonly sited, and works even for older, slower configurations.

This compares to 332.7ms ±0.8% for the ol’ MacBook.

Octane v1


I attempted to run Google’s new benchmark, but gave up after the Xbox hadn’t seemed to make any progress in a couple minutes.

Google V8, version 7


Since Octane didn’t run correctly…

My nearly five-year-old MacBook pulled in 1814.

Kraken 1.1

355469.1ms ±0.4%

Wow, that’s a long time. This test caused the Xbox to eventually throw up a “Stop running this script?” alert. Since I had to manually click “No” each time the alert showed, the result may not be totally accurate…

MacBook: 5694.1ms ±0.4%.


It’s slow.